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Fieldeye’s Funky Wednesday

Foto Lev Ilizirov

Fieldeye, the fabulous weblog on seeing things as they are, wants to party:

  • new design
  • new contributor Lino Hellings
  • lots of bites, beer and other drinks in stock

Hans Aarsman, Feiko Beckers, Lino, Edie Peters, Don Sars, Claudia Sola and Wei Na invite you to come along.

  • Hans, Claudia, Feiko and Lino will recite a few of their earlier contributions
  • Photos by Lev Ilizirov – always a source of inspiration for Feiko’s posts – will be exhibited

Wednesday, May 7
5 – 9 p.m.
PhotoQ Bookshop
Ferdinand Bolstraat 1
1072 LA Amsterdam