Willem Popelier: The Do It Yourselfie Guide


Willem Popelier analysed thousands of selfies, tips and research articles on selfies and made The Do It Yourselfie Guide – the ultimate guide with 66 rules and 66 identity pictures to capture the best version of yourself.
“I’m fascinated—without criticising—by the fact that people are taking a seemingly endless amount of pictures of themselves . The phenomenon has become a widely accepted form of a self–portrait”, Willem explains. “The unofficial rules I present with The Do It Yourselfie Guide say something about how we as a society look at this habitual form of the self-portrait. These do’s and don’ts are probably also connected to how we look at ourselves at this moment in time.”
Willem Popelier (Eindhoven, NL, 1982) uses photography to investigate the politics of photographic representations of identity. Willem graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in 2008 and obtained his MFA from AKV|St. Joost in Breda in 2010. He lives and works in Utrecht.


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New Window is an online platform and design label that gives an insight into the making process of art and design: ‘We commission series of artistic objects and share the story of the realization of objects with the audience. Every collaboration has its own window. Works are displayed and sold at http://shop.newwindow.nl, at events and through selected retailers (e.g. PhotoQ Bookshop). The Do It Yourselfie Guide made by photographer Willem Popelier is now for sale.

”Offering a platform for objects whose background stories deserve more attention is New Window’s main goal. Whether we focus on existing work or commission a completely new collection, every taken step is consistently documented and exposed. Materials, shapes, colours and uses become apparent as the journey evolves.’The Do It Yourselfie Guide is the result of the commission from New Window towards photographer Willem Popelier.

Extra informatie


The Do It Yourselfie Guide


Willem Popelier


New Window




Paper box, Handmade by the artist


83 × 83 × 42 mm


149 inkjet prints (66 with ID photos, 83 with text), 35 × 45 mm each


Signed and numbered on the inside Edition of 66




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