Stereocope 4. The Everyday Issue


Stereoscope is a magazine that celebrates student photography while raising awareness about the University of St Andrews’ photographic special collections. Working with the support from the university’s school of art history and the library special collections, the magazine is produced annually with an accompanying exhibition. Each issue explores a particular theme and features articles as well as photographs.

Stereocope 4 is dedicated to that which falls into the cracks between the milestone events. The everyday is what holds the bigger picture together. Although it takes up the majority of our time, it is a theme in-between themes, and one that hopes to celebrate the eloquence of the ordinary. Within this issue you will hopefully find an amalgamation of interpretations of a notion that evades definition.
Out of an abundance of submissions comes a selection of student portfolios and articles that speaks to the fluidity of the everyday as a theme. These include images by Renata Grasso, Lukas Nagel, Miranda Stuart and Leopold Thun, each of whom renders the mundane distinctly fascinating. Both Sophie Lealan and Angus West yield textual counterparts to their equally striking photographs, while Charlotte Adlard and Jennifer Russell examine the everyday within a more academic context in their respective articles.

From the University’s Special Collections a selection of photographs by two architects, Peter Willis and William Murray Jack, whose images offer a unique insight into our everyday, physical environment have been included. Carolyn Scott’s social documentary of Newcastle serves as a visually stunning reminder of the power of the image.

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Afmetingen 22.5 × 16.6 cm

Stereocope 4. The Everyday Issue


Jasmine Picot-Chapman


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