Mark Schalken: Polderlichaam


As both a graphic designer and a photographer, I am interested in visual literacy, in the ways a sequence of images acquires meaning without the use of words. In this project I did not work in a linear way (e.g. theme > photography > selecting > book design). Instead, it was a to and fro between wandering around in the region with my camera and mentally traveling in my studio: sketching, trying out how different image combinations evoke different feelings, re-living memories from my youth.
‘Accidentally’ made photos suggested themes and story lines. Themes that lingered on asked for certain photos to be made. And vice versa. I call each chapter a ‘picture poem’ because photography and design are in various ways closely intermingled to create layers of meaning – open to each viewer.

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Growing up and becoming aware of your dreams and longings, do you fit in with your surroundings – or do you find your own path? These emotional questions linger in the photos of a Dutch polder and its youth. For twelve years I worked on this project and photographed the countryside I grew up in. The result is a cycle of picture poems.

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Afmetingen 34 × 24 cm



Mark Schalken


Eigen beheer




Softcover, exposed spine