Map de Maar: Accidental Enchantments


Apparently they are only vague snapshots, holiday snapshots. In reality, the photos of Map de Maar are the opposite of careless, easily shot images. They are very secure, laborious long-time shots, made with a pinhole camera – a wooden box with a lens just a hole instead of a lens. Photos of often 30-45 minutes carefully observing, recorded on color negative film.

Map de Maar is known for her photographs of Chinese interiors – silent witnesses of the simple life in the Chinese countryside. Always made in a dark, mysterious light. Huis Marseille, photography museum in Amsterdam, showed these photos in 2011 in an extensive solo exhibition.

Light also plays the leading role in her new notebook. Light that falls on old lived materials, that suggest places outside De Maar’s home country the Netherlands. Light and time united in one image. Like the softly wavy lace curtain, all photos seem to dance. It is this love for authentic simplicity and beauty that remains the driving force behind all her photography.

The only text in the book is a poem by Maria Raven. This leaves the viewer / reader the freedom to give each image a meaning for itself – to open (trap) shutters to own memories and stories.

The intention of the images is beautifully supported by the book design by Claudia Gravestijn. Because of the thin paper and the ingenious folding method of the sheets, each photo comes back vaguely in a seemingly endless series of images, depending on how you search your own way through a 48-page cahier.

Edition 500 copies.


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Map (Marrigje) de Maar (The Hague, 1944) is a photographic autodidact. After a multifaceted life with experiences in different sectors, she attended art academy in Groningen (Academy Minerva) from 1998-2004. She graduated in 2004 as a painter with a series of photographs with which she previously won several awards at PANL. Important influences from teachers such as Albert van der Weide, Tjibbe Hooghiemstra and Frank Lisser can still be found in her work.

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Accidental Enchantments


Map de Maar


Maria Raven


Claudia Gravestijn


Map de Maar




softcover, staples, in cellophane envelope


21 x 29,7 x 0,3 cm






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