Arthur Bondar: Signatures of War


This book is about people and their destinies. About destinies that were changed by the II World War forever. These people have given best years of their lives to the War. They have gone trough the War, lost their friends and relatives and came back to their empty houses to start their lives from the very beginning. And they are definitely worth to be remembered as heroes.

These people are short-lived as a Polaroid film. And I have a great pleasure when I see how beautiful their eyes are sparkling when they tell me their short life stories, look at their photos, and sign them, leaving a trace and impression not only on the cover of the photo but also in my memory. And I see that all of them are still that young men and women that they were, because the soul has no age.

Limited edition of 500. Numbered by hand.

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“New wars rock the world. War is nigh even now. It seems that the old war is less important in the face of a new one. No need to remember it. But the truth is that new wars start only when old ones are erased from mankind’s memory. People born under peaceful skies with no knowledge of war are not afraid of it and do not do all they can to avoid it.”

Marina Akhmedova,
writer and journalist


“It’s a Polaroid, with an elderly woman looking out at me. She’s wearing a head scarf, the traditional kind that those of us in the west identify with ‘babushka.’ I see her kind eyes and her kind smile, just small, so slight, it barely registers. Scrawled below in black ink, on the ‘frame’ of the Polaroid in a shaky yet sure hand, is the name ‘Bondar.’ This is Arthur’s grandma, and in her, I see the remarkable stories of the past, of a generation that endured so much, yet carries on. The image itself is fragile, frail, ghostlike. This picture will disappear over time, slightly fading away like our memories of this recent past, and of the people who lived them.”

Donald Weber,
photographer / VII Photo Agency

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Signatures of War


Arthur Bondar


Arthur Bondar


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