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PhotoQ Bookshop to close as of July 15th

The PhotoQ Bookshop, managed by Edie Peters, will close on 15 July 2021, as a statement of World Press Photo reports. This includes the physical shop located in the World Press Photo House in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, as well as the online shop. The statement continues: “We’d like to thank the photographers, publishers, and book lovers around the world for all your support.”

Running the bookshop over all those years has been a big joy, having the opportunity to dive into the greatest photo books and meeting many wonderful photographers and customers. Closing the shop gives me the chance to go for a new direction in my career that I have been longing for the last few years. I am very much looking forward to setting up long-term projects with photographers and other storytellers.” – Edie Peters, PhotoQ Bookshop manager.

In 2013, Peters founded the PhotoQ Bookshop, the only independent shop in the Netherlands to sell photo books in the journalistic, documentary and artistic fields. It soon found an audience in Amsterdam and the rest of the world. Besides selling photo books, Peters also organized events with photographers, including interviews, presentations and workshops. 

In 2019, the bookshop moved to its current location in Westergas, Amsterdam as part of World Press Photo’s plans to open a cultural space dedicated to photography. Unfortunately, the World Press Photo House closed soon after the move due to the COVID-19 pandemic and access to the bookshop was mostly through the webshop, 

The statement finishes: “The decision to close the bookshop also coincides with the need for World Press Photo to pause and reflect on the future of the organization. We are sad to say goodbye to an amazing colleague, whose knowledge and love for photo books will be greatly missed.”


Can I still order books?

Yes, you can order until July 15th, 2021 and we will ship your orders right away.

What do I do if I have a voucher?

Please use your voucher online before 15 July 2021. You may also receive the value in cash.

I have ordered a book in presale. What will happen to my order?

Books reserved in the pre-sale will be delivered once the book is available. 

Where can I purchase the World Press Photo Yearbook now?

Please visit the Lannoo website for a local distributor of the World Press Photo Yearbook.

Why are you closing?

The decision to close the bookshop coincided with the decision for World Press Photo to pause and reflect on the future of the organization. 

Where is Edie Peters going? 

Peters would like to use this opportunity to explore new projects with photographers and other storytellers.

Will you or Edie Peters reopen the Bookshop at some point?

We have no plans or intention of reopening the PhotoQ Bookshop. 

What will happen to the webshop?

The webshop will remain open until 15 July. After that date, products will not be accessible anymore on the website.

Are you closing due to COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic plays a significant role, yes. However the decision to close was due to a combination of economic, strategic and personal factors. 

What happens to the books?

A number of books will be returned to the (independent) publishers by consignment. 

Will there be a book sale to get rid of stock? 

There are currently no plans to hold a sale.

What to do if I have another relevant question?

Mail to