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31 October – Photo Book Talks: Kazuma Obara presents ‘Exposure’

On Wednesday 31 October 2018 Japanese photojournalist Kazuma Obara will present his new book Exposure, actually a cardboard box containing two books and a newspaper, with a range of contemporary storytelling techniques.
Obara is artist in residence at Docking Station during the next few weeks. The presentation will begin 6 pm at PhotoQ Bookshop

The photobook “Exposure” depicts the first 30 years of life of an invisible girl who suffers ongoing medical problems as a result of the disaster. The images were created by using old Ukrainian colour negative film which was found in the abandoned city of Pripyat.

Another photobook, “Everlasting,” captured the commute of the ChNPP’s workers between their hometown and the plant as a metaphor for the cycle of repetition. Decontamination work has been handed down from generation to generation since the accident.

Supporting those two photobooks, Obara make the replica of an old newspaper which was found in Pripyat from the time helps to feel the passing of time.

More information on Exposure:

31 October 2018
Kazuma Obara presents his new book Exposure.
18:00-19:30 hrs
PhotoQ Bookshop
Wijdesteeg 3A
1012RN Amsterdam

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