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6 november – Photo Book Talks: Emmanuelle Andrianjafy on ‘Nothing’s in Vain’

The young and talented African photographer Emmanuelle Andrianjafy will visit Amsterdam in November. In collaboration with ZAM Magazine the PhotoQ Bookshop will host an interview with Emmanuelle Andrianjafy on Tuesday November 6.
In 2011, Malagasy photographer Emmanuelle Andrianjafy arrived in the port city of Dakar, situated on the westernmost African coast, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Her photo book ‘Nothing’s in Vain’ is Adrianjafy’s response to the experience of uprooting to the Senegalese capital, a city as vibrant as it is disorientating. Embracing the chaos of an unfamiliar world, she takes us on an exploratory journey through a metropolis in constant flux between construction and deconstruction. The sequence of images careens between street scenes, portraits, landscapes, and close-up details, recreating her fluctuating experience of the multiple faces of the city.

Published in 2017 the work attracted a lot of attention. As Collector Daily writes: ‘In encouraging the complexity of the city to permeate her pictures, she has allowed herself to craft a vivid personal diary, full of clashing realities and memorable intensity.’ And: ‘Andrianjafy was clearly able to transform her discomfort and unease into an honest experience.’

Tuesday November 6, 2018
18:00 hrs
Emmanuelle Andrianjafy on Nothing’s in Vain
PhotoQ Bookshop
Wijdesteeg 3A
1012RN Amsterdam

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