Nelson Morales: Fantastic Woman (signed)


Marsha Tegard is a sixty-seven year-old trans woman who lives in North Carolina and transitioned in 2015. Since I met her, I realized she wanted to show people what her life was like and that she might be an example, an inspiration to others. She became my muse—a very special one. I was able to hear her fascinating story, from the time she was adopted as a newborn to her confused and hectic adolescence. My explorations went further with her collection of photographs, which she generously lent me and allowed me to use. For several months I photographed her more in spirit than in the flesh.

Speaking of transgender seniors is a relatively new topic. Although the politics around the issue are still tense—given the present US government’s conservative bias—on a day-to-day basis Marsha defies a society that subjects her to a certain degree of rejection. She’s a woman who lives intensely, who enjoys things, who explores her sensuality and takes pleasure in it at the slightest provocation. She challenges the viewer to observe a different, very fragile, human body. For all of this, Marsha is an absolutely fantastic woman.

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Nelson Morales
Born in Unión Hidalgo, Oaxaca Mexico, where he graduated from school to later pursue his BA in Communication Science at the José Vasconcelos University in Oaxaca City. For almost eigth years, he has entirely devoted himself to his photographic practice, in which he mainly focuses on sexual diversity and identity. His work has been exhibited in solo and group shows, both nationally and internationally, in countries such as Spain, Malaysia, Colombia, Germany, Portugal, the United States and Netherlands.

Throughout time, his practice has been informed by several workshops and programs specialized in contemporary photography such as the Program INCUIBADORA DE FOTOLIBROS at La Hydra Mexico (2016), Seminar on Contemporary Photography at Centro de la Imagen Mexico (2015), Contemporary Photography Program held at Gimnasio de Arte y Cultura (2013) and Fotoensayo 5 at Pachuca, Mexico (2012).

Nelson Morales has obtained different recognitions in Mexico and abroad. His work belongs to the collections: Nail Hollis collection, Allen Blevins collection, and Bank of America collection. His work has been published in several magazines, and in important electronic magazines, such as New York Times, L’Œil de la Photographie, TETU, Curated by Girls, Collective Culture, Soft Page, Latphotomagazine, The Charlotte Observer, and Time Out. In 2018 he published his first book photo Musas Muxe.

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Fantastic Woman


Nelson Morales


Inframundo / Hydra




Printed in inkjet and laser printers in different papers Bound by hand


20,5 x 26 cm






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