Michiel Brouwer: Lapponensis


Lapponensis Michiel Brouwer is a specially designed book about dubeuze how Sweden has dealt with the Sami, the people of northern Scandinavia inhabits. During the 20th century
It's a folder with four separate sections each covering a chapter. The pictures, taken with 6×7 negatives are printed with extreme care, 500 dpi.

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Michiel Brouwer spent more than three years to the creation of his book Lapponensis, which deals with the influence of the Swedish rasbiologie the Sami people of northern Europe. The Swedish Rasbiologie was a period of 30 years for the National Socialism of Duit country until 1958.

The Institute Rasbiologisch are many remains of the Sami investigated. Many of their relatives are keen back for reburial, this still has not happened. There are also many Sami which the influence of the Swedish rasbiologie is still very timely.

The Swedish state recognizes nor denies it happened. This black page in the history of social example is Sweden, is deliberately forgotten. Brouwer: “I try to bring that no image is the one portrayed in this way, I want this history, and the fate of the Sami people of northern Europe gets more attention.”

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