Merijn Koelink: Most Efficient (signed)


New LED technology is slowly replacing conventional streetlights. They have a longer lifespan and are efficient in energy usage. These so-called ‘efficient’ and ‘durable’ lights shine in a new range of colours. The government sees this new spectrum as the way forward. The choice for these new streetlight solutions is based on political and economical viewpoints. This immediately influences the colour we see around us at night.

Because of these ‘efficient’ and ‘durable’ labels, the new colours seem free from debate, but they render the night in a new way. This changes our perception of public spaces and our relationship to them. These spaces feel emotionally different.

The night used to be warm-coloured. The conventional low-pressure sodium lights bathe the towns and cities in a palette of orange that was unique to the evening. A monochromatic light that shows only shades of orange colours. An imperfect light, but a reassuringly human one.
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For his graduation project Koelink photographed brightly colored landscapes at night in the Netherlands. These colors are part of a new phenomena.
LED lights. New LED technology is slowly replacing conventional streetlights. This immediately influences the colors of the night and how we connect to a space.
Colour and emotion are highly interconnected. This cannot be ignored.
This technology is quickly spreading and is used in our streets and close to our homes. If this is the future for the next decades, shouldn’t we consider if this is the right way?

Additional information


Most Efficient


Merijn Koelink


Rob van Maanen, Merijn Koelink


DRAWSWORDS Studio – Rob van den Nieuwenhuizen


Merijn Koelink


2014, signed and numbered edition of 250 copies


Schweizer gebrocheerd met linnen kap


24 x 34 cm




Dutch / English


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