Caspar Claasen: Even Firemen


Caspar Claasen on his book: 'This book is about my daughter Lora (8). Or perhaps more about how she, unwittingly, accompanied me through a dark and wonderful episode of anxiety and depression. Where she sometimes simultaneously was the cause and the cure.'

'In the fall of 2013 I suddenly panicked. Just like that. And then it multiplied. Into thousands of fears, thousands of horrible things that could possibly happen. And a lot of those scenarios involved Lora, my then 4 year old daughter. (…)'

'Meanwhile, I was working, or trying to, as a photographer and a freelance visual designer. But I also was with Lora a lot of the time. Which to me was great… but exhausting. I suffered from immense headaches, dizziness and tiredness. I avoided friends and family and crowds, while at the same time feeling isolated, lonely and depressed. I was not the fun and friendly and active dad I wanted to be. Which gave me more stress. (…)'

'So in a way I was, perhaps, confronting my own fears by photographing Lora. By simply spending time with her. Having fun, or at least trying to have fun, and sometimes pretending to have fun. But it helped. I actually started believing the numerous people who told me, again and again, who had always told me, that I was doing fine. That Lora was doing fine. And always has been.'

The first edition will be an exclusive 250 numbered copies.

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Even Firemen


Caspar Claasen


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