Boudewijn Bollmann: Geordende droefheid


Ordered sadness is a self-published photo book in a limited edition of 250 pieces. It contains fifteen short stories about the great loves of photographer Boudewijn Bollmann (1983): photography, Rotterdam and famous Dutch author Gerard Reve.

Each of the fifteen stories consists of both text and photography. A total of fifty photographs can be seen, in a black and white. The book is about the dark and less common side of existence. This is a twilight area that Boudewijn says should be visited and explored from time to time, because there is a lot of beauty behind it, even though there is a view that darkness is inferior to the light.

Even though Boudewijn is a typical human photographer, in geordende droefheid they are deliberately hardly depicted and if they are already too, then very small or in the distance. However, there are Rotterdam cityscapes to be seen and hidden, hidden places where Boudewijn has wandered endlessly along and through, usually for no valid reason (but which photographer needs valid reasons?) and with a runaway head full of ideas about photography, ideas about the port city and fantasies about his favourite writer. Reve’s work has inspired Boudewijn for years and when a writer manages to be endlessly inspiring to a photographer, the photographer should also be able to translate that love into photography.

Ordered sadness was designed by design studio HeyHeydeHaas from Eindhoven. It has its own binding method, unusual paper choices and other special details. Laura van Mourik edited the fifteen stories and visual artist Tim Enthoven has made an illustration especially for the book. Bert van der Horst did the lithography.

Each copy is numbered and signed.

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Excerpt from the story Het laatste woord:

‘The Biesbosch feels like a secret and infinitely large garden, where I go on my own if I want to flee Rotterdam. People in cities like Rotterdam are usually busy living to the rhythm of a crowded day, with the chest ahead and at some point without being very involved, because that’s the way urban life is supposed to be. The engines and washing machines run that it is a sweet pleasure and the traffic lights jump on red according to a well thought-out system and yet one often goes on, because having haste is a sign of prosperity and progress and often useful as well.’

Boudewijn Bollmann (Utrecht, 1983, self-taught) has been photographing since 2005. In the beginning he did this mainly at night, in the streets of Eindhoven and without the guts to appeal to people. But also at night and on the street people live and they naturally demolish Baldwin’s pictures. Over those adventures he made the ten-part photozine Twisted Streets, which was handmade and free.

Since 2010, Boudwijn has lived in Rotterdam. His focus is still on the street, the big city and especially on the people who are (sometimes against will and thanks) part of it. The photo book Geordende droefheid (2020, published in-house) is a return to the early days: a photographer who himself roams the streets.

Since 2006, Boudewijn has been photographing on behalf of various cultural institutions, companies and newspapers.

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Geordende droefheid (fifteen stories about photography, Rotterdam and Gerard Reve)


Boudewijn Bollmann


Baldwin Bollmann




Baldwin Bollmann








22.5 x 30 x 1 cm






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