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December 15: Book presentation by Ruben Lundgren – Me Nu

Ruben Lundgren and Timothy Prus - Me Nu

On Saturday December 15 Dutch photographer Ruben Lundgren will present the new ‘book’ he made with the curator of Archive of Modern Conflict, Timothy Prus: Me Nu, a hilarious look on what is being served at the Chinese restaurant tables. As the authors say: ‘Sweet, salty, sour, fatty and bitter are all found in this deranged menu. New and unexpected combinations of flavour unhinge the imagination. All the pictures relate to Chinese food culture and are vernacular in the sense they were not made as art. The food most certainly was.’

The presentation starts around 4 pm
Saturday 15 December 2018
at PhotoQ Bookshop
Wijdesteeg 3A
1012RN Amsterdam

Chinese tea, beer and bites are accompanying the event.

Is it a book or….
2 hardcover menus
1 softcover text menu
1 menu holder
37 c-prints
4 offset prints
2 original playing cards
15 toothpicks

Photographs from food science and agriculture rub shoulders with shots from cooking competitions, cookery books and family photo albums.

Ruben Lundgren will tell us all about it on the 15th.

Want to be sure you will have a copy before Christmas?
Pre-order here: Ruben Lundgren & Timothy Prus: Me Nu – pre sale €95,00 

and much more…

Ruben Lundgren will also bring:

• postcards;

• an extra insert, new issue of AMC2 Journal, #214, an A5 magazine of 12 pages showing  install shots of the exhibition “Anything that walks” (based on the book Me Nu) held at the Jimei x Arles International Photo Festival, November 2018;

• the booklet Hlloe?, a hilarious collection of chats on Chinese gaydating sites.

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