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Book talk and signing: For Birds’ Sake by Cemre Yeşil

PhotoQ Bookshop is happy to announce a presentation by Turkish photographer Cemre Yeşil of the book ‘For Birds’ Sake’ she made together with German photographer Maria Sturm. Cemre is the owner of FilBooks, a coffeeshop and a workshop dedicated to photo books in Istanbul, Turkey. Cemre is also a lecturer of photography in Istanbul Bilgi University. On Thursday June 1, she will do a book talk and signing in Amsterdam.

‘For Birds’ Sake’ – edited by Gonzalo Golpe – was published last year by La Fábrica Madrid and received widespread compliments, one of them being shortlisted for Author Book Award during Les Recontres d´Arles 2016.

The book is about men and their love for songbirds. With a mix of portraits, landscapes and details it is a great example of storytelling. The design makes the book an object that fits perfectly with the content. As the photographers put it: ‘This is a a deeper look at birds without seeing actual birds, but instead listening to them. Imagery stuffed with representations of birds. A mutual madness between photographers and birdmen’

Since the time of the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul has been a very important city for aviculture. The city’s geographical location for bird migration has led to the establishment of a huge culture devoted to birds and their care. Many diverse social platforms exist devoted to the keeping and breeding of birds. Today this culture is in danger; keeping songbirds such as goldfinches and greenfinches, in particular, may soon vanish due to the Turkey’s adaptation to criteria for European Union candidacy.This work is about the birdmen of Istanbul and focuses on the – shrouded – relationship between the bird and the birdman, one full of contradictions of love, possession and pleasure.

You can order the book here:

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